Quality Consulting

Build a Powerful Portfolio

  1. How a professional portfolio can help you
    • A professional portfolio containing organized samples of your work, accomplishments, awards and certificates is a valuable marketing tool.
    • A portfolio allows you to present documentation of your credentials to prospective employers or consulting clients during interviews.
    • A portfolio can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates by projecting a very professional business image.
  2. Packaging your materials
    • Package your documents in something that is easy to carry and will allow you to add or remove material as needed.
    • A three-ring binder large enough to hold all of your material but compact enough to fit in a briefcase is a good choice.
    • Try using plastic page holders for each insert to keep the material clean and neat and to allow easy removal of pages without having to open the binder posts.
    • Be sure to keep your binder clean and organized, and remember to update it on a regular basis.
    • Consider bringing along a laptop to showcase Web sites or applications you have developed.
  3. Choosing portfolio contents
    • Begin with your current resume.
    • Follow with a nicely formatted one-page list of all of your significant accomplishments on the job.
    • Provide reference letters from past employers or colleagues.
    • Incorporate hard copy samples of programs, LAN designs, database designs, architectures, business plans, project documentation, etc.
    • Prepare soft copy samples or live demos of your programs on diskettes that you can leave behind with the interviewer.
    • Add articles, write-ups, or newsletters you have been featured in or written yourself.
    • Insert educational or training certificates, if possible.