Quality Consulting

Group Profile

Cost270 Inc specializes in Quality Consulting and placement services, with a focused commitment towards the organizational development of our partner clients, enabling them to control the peril of the volatile scenario of the industry.

The services offered by Cost270 covers a varied range of consulting solutions in varied business environments and industry segment. The leveled approach from assessment to planned staffing ensures effective countering , which requires a multifaceted and skilled expertise. We provide a broad range of technology expertise in the following areas:


Our consulting philosophy is based on relationships both with our clients and within the firm. One of the main ingredients in building lasting relationships is the atmosphere. We take pride in the one that we have created and guard it zealously. Our Mission is, therefore, driven by the prevalent industry situations, where we are not limiting ourselves to just job providers, but are endeavoring to go a step further in working out job-related-solutions.

Dominant Plus

The group of unwavering ambition and hard work has built up and enormous technological and human resource base. Our experience and strategic partnerships assure that Cost270 clients benefit in the following ways.