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Raise Your Industry Profile

  1. Make yourself known
    • Raising your profile is simply a matter of making yourself known in the industry.
    • IT professionals who are well known and respected within the IT community can often access a better selection of opportunities and may sometimes command higher compensation.
    • The higher your industry profile and the more contacts you make within IT circles, the easier it will be to market yourself.
  2. Join professional organizations
    • Active participation in business and industry associations can help raise your profile.
    • Try joining technology user groups, your local Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade, and IT industry associations.
    • Consider such organizations as the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) in the U.S., Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) in Canada, and many others.
    • Attending and socializing at meetings adds to your network of contacts.
    • Joining the executive committee of user groups or industry associations helps build ties to other members of the executive.
    • If you lack time for an executive position, becoming a speaker at the group's meetings is another excellent way to establish your credentials as an industry expert.
  3. Get published
    • Another option is to write articles for publication in association newsletters or industry trade press.
    • While local trade press usually does not provide monetary compensation for articles, you usually receive a byline and a one or two line description of your credentials.
    • Presenting samples of your published articles can be very impressive to a potential employer or client.
  4. Maintain high professional standards
    • Your professional reputation stays with you throughout your career.
    • Dealing with prospective employers or clients in a professional and ethical manner is extremely important, both while you are looking for work and on the job.
    • Follow through on your commitments.
    • Exceed the expectations of your employer or client.
    • Treat clients, employers, and coworkers the way you would like to be treated in return